What Content is the Right Content?

This week I attended a great Webinar hosted by Compendium Blogware called "Content Strategies for Search and Social Marketing." One of the questions that came up in the webinar was how do you know what content is relevant and engaging and should be included in your content generation and social marketing? The answer actually did not surprise me; Ask your customers! Finding out what the customers need and want to know is one of the most important strategies in B2B Marketing.

There are several ways that you can find out what your customers want. During the webinar it was suggested to engage in customer service inquiries, conduct surveys or form a Customer Advisory Board. In my opinion, one of the most relevant and powerful tools for B2B companies is a Customer Advisory Board.  While the actual name of the Advisory Board may vary (Customer or Executive Advisory Council, Board, or Panel), the results of a well executed Customer Advisory Board will not. A Customer Advisory Board will not only help you identify what content is most relevant for your customers, it will help your organization develop a comprehensive strategy to grow and retain your most profitable customers, as well as increase revenue opportunities within your customer base.

To answer the question: “What Content is the right content?” Ask your customers! Your customers will provide you with the right content for Search and Social Marketing.

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