October 13, 2010 Speaking Engagement at Chicago Motivation Show

Dominating the B2B World: How Marketing and Sales Leaders Achieve Sustainable, Predictable & Profitable Growth

                              Sean Geehan                                              Tracy Cole
                         CEO and Founder of                               VP Client Satisfaction  
                             Geehan Group                                       Standard Register

Join Sean Geehan Founder and CEO of Geehan Group with Tracy Cole, Vice President of Client Satisfaction at Standard Register on October 13, 2010 at the Annual Chicago Motivation Show for a discussion on challenges unique to B2B companies and strategically changing B2B marketing execution. 

Hear how Standard Register and Other B2B firms are creating customer engagement systems that drive growth. Key topics discussed:

1. Align your organization to Market for Strategic Planning
2. Engage true decision makers to build deeper relationships, understanding and driving sales and loyalty
3. Boost and align the relationship between marketing and sales

Referencing his groundbreaking book; The B2B Executive Playbook, Sean Geehan will speak directly about how Winning B2B Companies achieve Sustainable, Predictable, and Profitable Growth. Sean Geehan will draw upon over 20 years of experience to outline the proven characteristics of successful B2B companies and the strategies they must adopt in order to survive and thrive.

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