July 13, 2010 Minneapolis BMA Speaking Event

July 13, 2010 Sean Geehan will be discussing at the Minneapolis BMA Summer Event how to Drive Win-Win Client Relationships for Sustainable, Predictable, and Profitable Growth!
Referencing his groundbreaking book, The B2B Executive Playbook, Sean Geehan will describe the framework and key principles used in developing a playbook for creating strategic relationships that yield valuable business results for you and your customers.

Joining Sean will be Tom Webster, CEO at Intesource.  Tom will illustrate how Intesource has successfully applied these playbook principles and the difference it has made for their organization. In this session Sean and Tom will discuss how to:

• Increase Marketing’s credibility among Leadership team
• Align your organization to the market
• Engage your most valuable customers
• Generate powerful results through sales and marketing collaboration



            Sean Geehan                                                       Tom Webster
Author, B2B Executive Playbook                                           CEO
      Founder, Geehan Group                                             Intesource 

To register for this BMA event please go to: http://www.bmaminnesota.org/Events/UpcomingEvents.aspx

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