How Executive Summits Can Help You Reach Your Year-End Sales Goals

For any company concerned with year-end sales goals, the logical question is how can I accelerate prospects through the pipeline and convert them to sales? The answer is an Executive Summit. An Executive Summit provides a non-sales gathering between executive peers to learn and explore services and solutions offered by your B2B Company. A well planned, organized and executed Executive Summit accelerates a call to action from all prospects and can yield a 50% conversion rate. Can you say that about other Marketing Campaigns or Sales Tactics, or are you just throwing money at a target hoping you hit a bull’s eye?

The next natural question to ask is can your company justify the cost of an Executive Summit? Marketing teams are always challenged to provide ROI justifications in order obtain funding for campaigns. Because an Executive Summit’s costs and results are completely measureable (you know how much you spent, and you know how much in sales it directly generated), it provides a highly effective, easily funded program.  As a result, marketing groups are able to score an bull’s eye with all executives on their company’s leadership team, especially the financial leaders who hold your purse strings.

When is the right time to address meeting your year-end sales goals? From the perspective of a financial leader, Suzanne Smith, Chief Financial Officer of Geehan Group who has also managed several large IT outsourcing budgets states, "While it is a concern throughout the year, third quarter is the time most companies look to see if they are ahead or behind to meet year-end sales goals." An Executive Summit provides reliable and predictable sales results and truly is the Ultimate Weapon to reach your sales targets.

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