8 Building Blocks of World Class Customer Advisory Boards

Many companies have tried to launch a successful Customer Advisory Board but have struggled to realize the potential and value of a World Class Advisory Board. Sean Geehan and his team at the Geehan Group have developed and perfected bullet proof methodologies to assist project managers execute World Class Advisory Board meetings across multiple industries. 

Sean will be presenting the 8 Building Blocks of World Class Advisory Boards followed by a round table discussion at the Customer Advisory Board.org conference May 3, 2011. This presentation is especially designed for program managers that currently own a Customer Advisory Board or a chartered with thseane responsible for coordinating a Customer Advisory Board for your Organization.

“We never could have imagined the results Geehan helped deliver from day one, which have exponentially increased since.”
Anubhuv Saxena, Global Head Marketing Strategy, HCL

Sean D. Geehan
Author, The B2B Executive Playbook

Sean Geehan is CEO and Founder of Geehan Group, the leader in guiding B2B executives to building sustainable, predictable, profitable growth.  His book, The B2B Executive Playbook, will be available Summer 2011.

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