What are Your Customers Saying About You?

People TalkingAt the conclusion of an Advisory Board meeting, before any members depart for home, we typically conduct a brief satisfaction survey to learn what members thought about their meeting experience.

The survey asks them to rate their overall meeting experience and how valuable the discussions were to them. It asks how well they think their hosts listened to what they had to say and whether or not they felt their ideas were heard. It also asks what they liked and disliked and what aspect of the meeting they found most valuable.

The last question is my personal favorite …Has your experience impacted your perception of your host; and, if so, how?  The responses are always reassuring and make me smile. It was no different earlier this week when I aggregated the results from a recent meeting. Oh sure, there’s almost always one person who says “no,” but then they justify their negative answer by adding “I already had an excellent perception of them!” These people just like to mess with us, I know!

And then I start reading all the comments…

“Yes, it has proven to me that they are very much invested in the satisfaction of their customers!”

“Yes, I was able to share my real opinions and received straight answers to my questions.”

“Yes, I got to know them on a personal level and learned more than I ever knew about their products.”

“Yes, they are a dynamic company that is open to change.”

“Yes, they really do want to get to know their customers better so they can improve products and services.”

“Yes, they are a company that listens to its customers and adapts its business strategies to cater to our needs.”

“Yes, they are only one of our providers, but they have everything we need and want!”

Wow, these are the types of comments we all want to hear, don’t we?  So… when was the last time your customers said such nice things about your organization? When was the last time you spent time together with your top customers and every one of them came away saying such wonderful things? Think about it. What are your customers saying about you? 

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