The Executive Sponsor Program... ensuring that your business will still be here when the economy rebounds

The economy is on the minds of everyone these days.  It's the topic of conversation in personal and business situations alike.  It comes up around the dinner table, resurfaces at the water cooler, and screams across the line on phone and conference calls.  It pops into nearly every conversation every time people get together!  And yes, it is a major topic for discussion at Customer Advisory Board meetings too!

During one recent meeting, we asked Advisory Board members how the economy was impacting their growth strategies and spending.  Collectively, they agreed that they were actually taking advantage of the down time to invest in the future.  Because planning for the future takes a lot of thought and time for reflection, they said it was nearly impossible to do when they were growing at double and triple-digit rates.

Earlier this month, I read an article by Lauren McKay from Destination CRM.  She says that "it's time to act - to be proactive, in fact - and to make changes that will ensure your business will still be around come 2010."  Like Ms. McKay and the Advisory Board members above, I couldn't agree more!

One such change you might want to make now - invest in what your customers have to say!  The voice of the customer is strong and more valuable now than ever.  And to talk with them on a strategic/executive level, rather than the user level, can have enormous benefits.  This is what an Executive Sponsor Program is all about... developing and enhancing executive relationships to retain accounts, build loyalty, and accelerate sales.  You will discover what their needs and objectives are for the long-term; they will learn about your core competencies and will have an opportunity to influence your products and solutions.  Together, you will dive deep into their challenges and opportunities and learn how to become their long-term strategic service and solutions partner.

Are you listening to the voice of your customers?  Do you have strong and loyal relationships at executive levels?  Are you investing in your future or just trying to get by?  I'd love to hear how your organization is responding to the economy!

If you want to learn more about retaining accounts, building loyalty, and accelerating sales through executive relationships, let me know.  We'd love to help you hear what your customers have to say so you'll still be around in 2010 and beyond!

Until next time,
~ Misty 

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