The Executive Sponsor Program - What it is

An Executive Sponsor Program (ESP) is designed to leverage customer relationships to penetrate accounts and retain clients. Executives are assigned to specific accounts, setting the stage for further development  of the relationship. Essentially, these account "sponsors," assume responsibility for listening to their customer and striving to become their strategic service and solution partner.

The ESP provides opportunities for executives to meet one-on-one with their customers. These meetings focus on customer-specific issues, challenges and opportunities, and allow for the identification of service and operational improvements, all of which drive customer retention and loyalty. Through round-table discussions, industry trends are explored and organizational priorities and opportunities are discovered. This focused dialogue allows for collaborative thinking, which helps to guide the prioritization of corporate strategies.

ESPs that are well-planned and facilitated are valuable tools for account retention and development of executive relationships that drive customer loyalty. 

~ Misty

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