Developing Executive Relationships; Becoming "Indispensable" to Customers

Like many people, I’m a big fan of the Harvard Business Review. While traveling recently, I purchased one of the books in their Results-Driven Manager series, “Connecting with Your Customers.”  Right off the bat, before I even got to the first chapter, I knew that I was going to have a lot in common with this book! I found myself highlighting nearly every other word and scratching notes in the margins on nearly every page. Yes, I’m the one sitting next to you on the plane with her nose stuck in a book and yes, I carry a highlighter with me everywhere I go!

Anyway, back to my new favorite book… it talks about understanding the needs of your customers, which is what we at Geehan Group do every day… help our customers to better understand what their customers need and what their challenges are. It also talks about communicating with customers and enhancing customer loyalty. Guess what? We help our customers do that too. And more!

Customer-facing programs are our core competency. Customer Advisory Boards, Executive Summits and Executive Sponsor Programs are all designed to help our customers learn about their customers, to help them understand their world, their challenges and their opportunities. They’re designed to help them “dig-deep” into pressing business and industry issues and to discover what keeps their customers up at night. And, they’re designed to help them develop strategic, executive relationships that turn customers into “advocates,” who view them as “indispensable.”

Isn’t that what you strive to be…“indispensable” to your customers? Being “indispensable” is a win-win for everyone. Your customers win through the value you bring to their organizations; you win through accelerated sales, account retention and expansion, and a strategic direction that is aligned with customer needs and the market! It doesn’t get much better than that!

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~ Misty 

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