Customer Loyalty and AdvocacyStep One

Are you considering the development of a customer loyalty or key account program for your top clients? Why?   If it’s just because all the so-called experts say you need to do it, think again.  It’s not as easy as you might think!

If however, you want to develop a program to enhance already existing executive relationships to achieve long-term loyalty and turn customers into advocates, take some time to ensure that you and your executive team are committed to doing it right. It must be a win-win for both you and your customer. And it must be well thought out, aligned with key strategies, and executed flawlessly to be successful! Begin by defining your objectives.

Ask yourself, members of your executive team and key leaders within your organization the following key questions:

·         What do you need to learn from your customers and what do they need to learn from you?

·         Where do opportunities for growth exist and which customers can impact this growth the most?

·         What challenges do your customers need to overcome?  What resources might you have to help them?

·         What improvements are needed to your product/service portfolio? Which customers are most likely to help drive these improvements?

·         From which customers are you most likely to gain the information you need to be successful?

Once these questions have been asked and answered, analyze the information received. Identify where answers intersect and where consensus exists. The objectives for your customer loyalty program are sure to surface!

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