Accelerating Sales, Increasing Loyalty, and Retaining Customers... It All Starts with a Little Trust!

I recently read an article about customer relationships and why they’re so hard to develop.  I didn’t care much for the article, but it did get me thinking about how customer relationships impact every aspect of one’s business, how they can make or break it, and how truly valuable they are! That’s why I believe so much in what we do here at the Geehan Group… help our clients develop relationships with their customers.

Whether it’s a Customer Advisory Board or an Executive Sponsor Program, we help simplify the process. Don’t get me wrong. Relationships of any type are never simple, but with our methodology, best practices and experience, we make it seem simple. And rewarding! We do all the “heavy lifting” so you don’t have to, and you reap the rewards!    

The article also got me thinking about trust, and how it is such a key component of any relationship. That really struck home with me yesterday. I called to get a quote to replace two tires on one of our cars.  It’s an old car, and one that we had hoped to replace by now, so I explained all that and asked for the cheapest tires they had.  The guy asked if I wanted them aligned. My reply:  Well I guess so; don’t you have to have the car aligned when you get new tires?” “Okay, ma’am; that’ll be $300.”

Now I know what you’re thinking…. but wait. I may not be an auto mechanic, but I am smart enough to get a second quote before spending $300!  I had a similar conversation with the guy at the second place… “it’s an old car… blah, blah, blah. Just $150…what about the alignment?”  “You don’t need an alignment , ma’am, unless you hit something. The new tires just need to be balanced, and that’s included.”  

Now, guess who got my business. If you guessed the second place I called, you’re absolutely right. And they’ll get it again…. and again… and again.  I will probably never go back to the first place.  Oh, and by the way, I ended up spending the $300. He said I needed four tires, not two, and I trusted him!    

Funny thing about customer relationships.  They can accelerate sales, create and even increase customer loyalty, and help you retain customers… or not. So, give some thought to your customer relationships. Give some thought to building trust, to accelerating sales, increasing customer loyalty and retaining your customers. And if you want light lifting and heavy impact, give us a call!   

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