10 Steps to Customer Loyalty & Advocacy

10 Steps to Customer Loyalty & Advocacy

Do you want to know your customers and understand their operational challenges better?  Do you want to enhance executive relationships with your top clients?  All the experts say you need to be doing all of these things now to retain customers during these tough times, so of course you do!  And that’s what an Executive Sponsor Program (ESP) is all about… creating executive relationships with strategic customers through face-to-face interactions to achieve long-term loyalty and turn customers into advocates.

If you’ve ever thought about Customer Relationship Management or about developing a Customer Loyalty or Key Account Program, join me in the coming weeks. We’ll be exploring the 10 Steps to Customer Loyalty & Advocacy.  We’ll start with Step 1:  Defining the Objectives of an ESP.  If you have specific questions you’d like addressed, be sure to let me know!

Until next time ~ Misty

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