Why B2B Customer Satisfaction Doesn't Create Loyalty

It would be great if customer loyalty professionally was similar to the loyalty we find in our personal life between your dog and your family? 

Boy and his dogWe all know that achieving customer loyalty professionally takes work.   As a matter of fact, there is a big difference between customer satisfaction and loyalty especially in the B2B world.

Join me with Tracy Cole, Vice President of Client Satisfaction, Standard Register at the Engagement Expo in Dallas on November 7th 2011 as we share Why B2B Customer Satisfaction doesn’t create Loyalty?

This presentation is based on findings from Sean Geehan's book,  The B2B Executive Playbook.

According to a most studies including the latest from Business Week, over 60% of defecting customers indicated they are satisfied right before they leave.  Learn why satisfaction doesn’t equal loyalty or retention and what to do about it.  Marketing and Sales must now play a role in driving beyond satisfaction to loyalty and ultimately advocacy.  Our session will explore best practices and lessons learned in developing customer advocacy. 

B2B Attendees will learn:

  • Understand the differences in B2B vs. B2C loyalty and customer satisfaction metrics
  • Understand the three layers of loyalty
  • How loyalty programs can transform a company, making marketing look like a hero
  • Best practices of leading firms to drive loyalty and retention
  • How to engage the internal support necessary to deliver loyalty 

I look forward to seeing you in Dallas on November 7th.

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