Launching an Executive Sponsor Program Webinar

Thinking of launching an Executive Sponsor Program and you are not Sure where to start?

Please join me as we will discuss the myths and gain insight from Julie Tung, Vice President of Global Customer Programs at Oracle and Virginia Chambers, Director of ACE Partners Program at AT&T as they share personal experiences of why something that looks so easy is not and what you can do to drive success in your organization.

Here is a sneak peak at one of the most commons myths we will be discussing:
Research Picture

The majority of the companies from our research have launched their Executive Sponsor Program more than once; 63% of the companies have made two or more attempts and only 37% with success during their first program launch.  Ensuring you have executive alignment, a formal process and structure for the implementation of the program and the right pace for launching each customer will significantly increase your success rate on your first Executive Sponsor Program launch.

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