Make Your Executive Sponsor Program Unique

In the B2B world, most of the fortune 50 companies have an Executive Sponsor Program (ESP). If you’re in the high tech space and your target decision maker is a CIO you will be competing with at least 10 companies for the CIO’s “attention/acceptance” into the program. Most high tech companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Xerox have had their program for ten plus years.
With a large number of companies well ahead of the curve in executing an ESP, you will need to be well prepared when implementing your program in order to make your ESP unique. Creating the memorable and unique experience begins with two key components; Program Structure and Customer Experience. 

Program Structure should focus on:  Account Selection, Executive Matching and Executive Expectations. The questions you should be asking are:
What are the right accounts to include in the program?
What attributes should be used to match your executives and your customer executives?
What is the best framework to set expectations and messaging to maximize executive-level brand with every interaction?

Customer Experience should focus on the type of engagement your executives have with your customer executives.

When building an ESP, do not overlook the memorable experience you are trying to create between the customer executive and your organizations executive. You will know that you have created a unique ESP when your executives have no problem establishing a roadmap for the second meeting and beyond.

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