Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Yoga

The Engagement Expo in Dallas this past week was a big hit!  Tracy Cole, Vice President at Standard Register and I presented how in the Business to Business (B2B) world, customer satisfaction does not create loyalty.  
A major aspiration for companies today is to be in ‘high growth’ mode, which can be challenging given the current economic climate. In the B2B world, high growth can be achieved through sustainable, predictable, profitable growth (SPPG), for which many factors come into play, most importantly customer loyalty.

One aspect we talked about as you create loyalty is how to engage Decision Makers.  Engaging Decision Makers is a lot like when I first started meditating daily in my yoga practice.  It’s all about:

• Insight
• Relevancy
• Relationships

Meditating has given me tremendous insight about myself.   You have to sit quietly and breathe deeply.  As a “type A” personality, this is not easy for me to do.   When you engage decision makers in the right way you will be amazed at the insight you can gain around strategy, marketing, sales, product, services and merger/acquisitions.

If you walked into a conference room and saw a group of people meditating, most people would think this is very strange.  If I saw this, I would say, “Is there room for one more?”  It’s all about being relevant. This is relevant to me and when you are engaging decision makers you have to make it relevant for them.  They need to have common challenges and a common goal.

When engaging Decision Makers the final piece is the relationship.  When you get a group of decision makers together and you are gaining their insight and having relevant conversations, you start to build trust which leads to a relationship.  Just like when I go to my weekly power yoga class.  There is a core group of us that attend every Saturday, which makes it even more enjoyable.

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