Harvard Business Review: The Customer Journey Map

customer experienceHow well do you know your business's Customer Journey Map? 

In his Harvard Business Review article, What you can and should be doing with your customer journeysAdam Richardson recommends you reassess, then refine your Customer Journey Map by beginning at the First Moment of Truth experience and continuing throughout each engagement. Richardson suggests you focus on the microinteractions with your customers to see if these experiences either hinder or delight. Alternatively, a broader view of the entire scope of the customer journey may identify new opportunities to enhance the customer’s journey.

An excerpt:

Mapping out all the steps a customer takes while interacting with your company is a powerful way to improve the experience. Customer journey maps clarify what customers are trying to do, what barriers they face, and how they feel during each interaction with your product or service. Refining these smaller steps, such as how people complete a purchase online or file a complaint, is what journey maps are known for. What many companies don’t realize is that these maps can also help them identify broader business opportunities if they step back and look at the journey more holistically.

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