This Isn't Your Daddy's Board Meeting

I couldn't be more excited about the customer advisory board meeting I am about to attend!

Over the last few years, I have helped to deliver over 25 Customer Advisory Boards.  While they have all been great and offered a lot of value to the executive teams and their respective board members, I have a funny feeling that this one will do that and then a little bit more.

This one will be unique in its format.  This one will take advantage of emerging technology that will ultimately lead everyone to a better understanding of the generation known as "The Millennials."  This one will leverage customer advocates in new and exciting ways.  This one will take people out of their comfort zones.  This one will change the way people are asked to think.

At Geehan Group we take great pride in having a tried and true methodology for delivering world-class advisory board meetings. The formula for success is an established Customer Advisory Board process that includes injecting creative and innovative ways to dig deep into areas such as collaboration, business models and distribution.  For example:
  • We generally ask members to report back any significant insights gained through small (breakout) group discussions.  Rather than reading back a few key highlights off flip chart notes, this time members will be given video cameras to record their report backs.  These videos will then be uploaded to YouTube and viewed by the group via the host organization's YouTube channel.
  • Alumni members (having previously served roughly three years on the board) have been invited back to present to their peers as well as to facilitate breakout discussions.  Can you imagine the benefit of that for the host organization?  Here you have customers offering to take three days out of their schedules to help the host organization gain deeper strategic insights from their peers.  Not only does it solidify the relationship with the alums, but think about the message it sends to new and existing members of the board.
  • Members will be given hand-held keypads on which they can engage in real-time voting exercises.  Through the magic of a PowerPoint plug in, polls will be presented and members will instantly see the results as they and their fellow members answer questions regarding their challenges, their opportunities, their visions for the future, etc.  It will be very interactive, dynamic, time-efficient and insightful.
  • Industry experts will be brought in to give perspective and third-party insight (remember, CABs are not sales events) with regard to session topics that have long-term impacts for the host organization as well as the member participants. 
  • And finally, members will have the opportunity to work with the host organization on a philanthropic activity.  There's not a lot to add here - it's just a good thing to do.
So as you can see, this will be a meeting that will meet the overall customer engagement objectives in a way that will be exciting, cutting-edge and fun. 

No smoke-filled, windowless board room boredom for this gang; only the opportunity to engage the customer in a way that will pay big dividends well into the future.

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