Make the Time - Customer Retention Through Continuous Improvement

We've all heard it; we've all said it.  A million times.  "I just don't have the time."

In reality, we all know that everyone has 24 hours in their days.  No one has more and no one has less.  But some seem to find a way to prioritize in a way that makes them appear to have much more time in any given day than the average Joe.

In thinking about this, it seems that we all can get so busy "doing," that we often don't make the time to learn better ways to do what it is we do.  Case in point:  Like you, I'm swamped at work.  It's very hard to take time out to do something that doesn't directly provide the opportunity to cross something off my list.  But the other day, I forced myself to watch a webinar that, at least according to the invitation, would provide great value to me in what I do.  It was very hard to a) stop doing the task at hand to participate; and b)  give my full attention and not "multi-task" during the webinar.

Now to the obvious conclusion:  The  webinar did indeed provide great value and will make an upcoming client engagement much better, thanks to the knowledge I gained from this opportunity.  It only took an hour, I didn't have to travel anywhere and it didn't cost a dime, yet the benefits to me, and more importantly to our clients, is very significant.

My point today is this:  Don't forget about the softer side of customer relationships and customer retention.  The better you do your job, and the more you can offer your customers, the more likely they will be to continue the relationship and depend on you for more and more.  Make the time.


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