I just can't wait!!!

Well, I have all the materials ready, I've done the online airline check-in thing, my bags are packed, and now I am just waiting for my alarm clock to go off at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning so I can head to my next Advisory Board Meeting.

What excites me about going to these meetings is not just the great people we are working with, not just staying in a nice hotel (although I must admit, I really like that part) and not just heading for a warmer climate (also very attractive, especially today).  What really gets the adrenaline going is knowing that 36 hours from now our clients are going to have extremely valuable information that they don't have today.

With this upcoming meeting, the rewards are going to be huge, mostly because we have several new executives on the client team who have not yet experienced the value of a world-class advisory board program.  Their return on their investments (both time and money) are going to be off the charts.  They will get input directly from the market; they will build relationships with some of their most strategic customers; they will leave with actionable feedback; and most of all, they will be more prepared to lead the company forward, armed with customer insight.

The other really cool thing is that this is the 5th meeting of this board, so the members have come to know each other and it's like a highly anticipated reunion every time we get together.  One of the members said just the other day, "I can't imagine not being on this board and not getting the benefits of both contributing and learning." They too, benefit, from forming executive relationships with a very important partner.

And I get to watch it all unfold.  I just can't wait!!!

I'll let you know how it goes upon my return.  


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