Customer Advocacy - A Classic Example

I just returned home from the "Buying and Selling eContent" conference held this week in Phoenix.  I had the opportunity to partner on a presentation regarding Customer Engagement with George Scotti, Director of Channel Marketing for Springer, one of the largest publishers in the areas of Science, Technology and Medical.

What was so much fun about this presentation was that the presentation itself was a classic example of what we were preaching, so to speak.  George had asked us to join him in this event, giving us a tremendous opportunity to engage with our customer on a national platform.  Additionally, three Springer customers also presented with us, validating Springer and speaking on their behalf.  

This event was a great opportunity for all of us to tell the story of how Springer has benefitted from their customer engagement initiatives, including their global advisory boards and summit series.  In addition to aligning to the market, validating their product pipeline, exploring business models and other key strategic objectives, through their advisory boards Springer has created a large base of customer advocates who regularly participate in activities such as this conference presentation.

"I can't overstate the value we receive by engaging our customers outside the board room," George stated.  "Through our advisory boards, we now have trusted industry leaders telling our story for us.  That has a huge impact, particularly as we introduce new product innovations. "

I want to thank George for affording us the opportunity to participate in this event, and I look forward to more opportunities to partner with Springer in similar forums.

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