CEOs Prioritize Customer Intimacy Like Never Before

Today I read an article from Business Week about the recently released IBM study, "What Chief Executives Really Want."

The part that jumped out to me the most after reading the entire study, (no doubt a testimonial to my frame of reference), is the following:

"The most successful orgnizations co-create products and services with customers and integrate customers into core processes."  

It goes on to say, "They are adopting new channels to engage and stay in tune with customers.  By drawing more insight from the available data, successful CEOs make customer intimacy their Number One priority."

It's very exciting to see this priority come to life in the Customer Programs we implement with our clients.  Syed Hasan, President of Sales - Americas at Springer had this to say with regard to the co-creation of products:

"Having pre-validated ideas from our Advisory Council members helps accelerate acceptance within our organization, and that in turn, helps us go to market faster.  Beating out the competition can be seen as a direct result of getting market insight at a very early stage."

The IBM study further confirms the priority noted by CEOs of reinventing customer relationships.  "CEOs said that ongoing engagement and co-creation with customers produce differentiation.  They consider the information explosion to be their greatest opportunity in developing deep customer insights."

The sheer power of engaging customers is obvious.  Working with those who actually commit to it is nothing short of inspiring.

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