Accelerating Sales - Sometimes it's just not that hard

So, I hadn't actually planned on submitting a blog today, but I find myself a bit frustrated and thought I would share.

At the risk of sounding too much like Andy Rooney, have you ever wondered why people complain about not growing their businesses when a few simple things would make a world of difference?

Here's the story -- I work with this vendor.  His work is adequate while his communications skills are lacking.  But he runs a small local company and I like to throw business that way whenever possible.  Whenever we talk, it's because I have initiated the conversation.

So I called him a couple of weeks ago to ask him to submit a proposal for additional work we need to have done.  We set up a time to talk and he was to call me.  I worked my schedule around it - never got the call.  When I emailed him about it, no apology, just "can you talk in a couple of hours?" 

I obliged, told him what we needed and asked for a proposal.  That was exactly 9 days ago, and I have not heard a word since.  This is not a very complicated request, and it's what they do every day, so not a lot of research is required.

As a result, I am asking myself these questions:
  • Does he value me as a customer?
  • Does he have time to work on our project?
  • Is he still in business?
  • Does he have a phone and an email account?
  • Is he trying NOT to grow his business?

My confidence is shaken, my patience has run thin, my project is delayed and my likelihood of recommending this company is nil.  And all of this could have been avoided with a simple phone call or email with an update.

What a missed opportunity! 

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