A Word on Customer Advocates

When we conclude advisory board meetings, we distribute a survey to get feedback from the board members.  Included in this survey is a question asking the members if they would be willing to participate in additional activities with our client.  The question asks for members to indicate their interest in being involved in the following:
  • Participating in a case study
  • Sitting on a panel at an event
  • Publishing an article in the company newsletter
  • Co-authoring a white paper
  • Speaking at an event
  • Willingness to talk with peers regarding his/her relationship with (client).
Today I concluded a report for one of our clients that provides a consolidation of this information from members across the entire advisory board initiative.  The results are astounding:
  • 44 members indicated an interest in participating in a case study
  • 31 members said they would sit on a panel at an event
  • 15 would publish an article in the company newsletter
  • 13 would co-author a white paper
  • 26 would speak at an event
  • 44 will talk with peers regarding our client.
The sheer power of this is mind-boggling.  By simply asking the question, our client now has an extensive database of decision-makers who will work on their behalf.  Think about the loyalty this creates and the additional strength that is added to these relationships.  This is just gravy on top of the insight they received during the two-and-a-half days of the advisory board meeting.  And to make it even better, gathering this information cost our client nothing in terms of additional time or money.

In my mind, this definitely falls in the category of  "no-brainer."  Take a few minutes today to think about how you are leveraging your company's biggest fans.

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