The Importance of Executive Buy-in, Sponsorship and Support

In my last blog I listed 10 key success factors to consider when planning and implementing a customer advisory board program.

Let's take a look at the first step: Executive buy-in, sponsorship and support.  This is #1 on the list for a good reason - if you don't have support from the top, your advisory board program won't reach its full potential.  A customer advisory board provides your executive sponsor and executive team the opportunity to meet face-to-face with 15-20 of your top customers.  Natural outcomes and benefits for your executive team include:
  • Stronger customer relationships - through participation on the advisory board, customers become advocates
  • Market alignment - learn customer needs and market trends from those who are "living what you're selling"
  • Account retention and increased spend from participating customers
Now more than ever executives are looking for tangible ways to retain top customers and expand revenue within those customers - a customer advisory board provides a programmatic approach to achieve those results. 

Watch for my next blog on #2 on my list of success factors, Cross-functional Support and Alignment.

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