Post-Meeting Follow Through and Action Tracking

We are nearing the end of my "top 10" list of success factors for advisory board program implementation with #8 on the list:  post-meeting follow through and action tracking ... otherwise known as "put your money where your mouth is!"

The meeting is over, you heard from your most valued customers about what you are doing well and the things you need to improve.  Now you must determine the next steps the organization is willing and able to address.  What does it take to do this well?
  • Support and buy-in from the Executive Sponsor on the issues to be addressed
  • A plan and structure for addressing a realistic number of issues, with associated timing and milestones
  • Accountability from team members to make it happen
Members want to know that their feedback and recommendations are being taken seriously - don't let that input disappear into a "black hole."  Take action and report back to them the progress you've made, showing how they have impacted the strategic direction of your organization.  You'll benefit from improved customer relationships and grow customer loyalty as a result!

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