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I along with two of my colleagues, recently attended AMA's M.planet Show in Orlando.  A recurring theme I heard from marketers, no surprise, was that companies are scrutinizing their marketing spend now more than ever.  Many of the marketing research analysts I spoke to were a bit disillusioned that, after providing a client comprehensive results and metrics from their research, often nothing is done with the results - the data just sits.  What a shame ... that information is invaluable!  It can define the areas of the organization that need the most attention and serve as a window to the "customer's world" revealing how the organization is perceived.  What are you doing with your research results?  Have they fallen into the proverbial "black hole?"

During these economic times, organizations are so focused on getting the most impact for their marketing dollars.  We've helped many clients analyze their marketing research results, and have recommended best practices and approaches for customer program implementation.  The bottom line:  use your research results and feedback to develop customer retention strategies that align to the market.  You'll set the stage for more profitable customer relationships.

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