Listening to Your Strategic Customers Reaps Huge Rewards

It's so easy to "tell" your customers all the great things you can do for them. But when you sit back and "listen" to their issues, their challenges, and the things that keep them up at night, something amazing happens … you begin to understand with more clarity than ever precisely how you can help them be successful. 


At a recent Advisory Board meeting, I witnessed the power of listening once again. The agenda we developed with our client included several discussions focused on topics their customers wanted to address with peers as well as the client. Through a voting process, breakout groups convened to address top issues from the group. 

The outcomes of these discussions gave our client much to consider! They now have a view into their customers' areas of concern along with recommendations from those customers on how and where they can help.  What could be better than that?  Answer: our client now has an invitation from their customers for one-on-one meetings to further explore these issues ... a huge reward for "listening."


The more you listen and understand your customers, the better armed you are with solutions to meet their needs.  You’ll gain the added benefits of retaining customers, enhancing relationships and ultimately growing those accounts.  

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