How to Get Attendees Talking!

I realize I've written about this before - the importance of dialogue among attendees during meetings - but once again I've seen the positive results first hand.  I just returned from a very successful  Executive Summit.  What made it successful?

Attendees had the opportunity to have small group discussions on relevant topics.

You might think that's a "no-brainer" but you would be surprised at the number of leaders who think they should "present" at meetings.  They have much to say about their company and the great things they can do for customers and prospects, and often overlook the benefits of listening to what "the market" is saying - or the Voice Of The Customer.

People talkingBy "teeing up" the discussion and actively listening to the conversations among your customers and prospects, you will better understand the biggest issues they struggle with in their businesses.  It gives you important insight to develop more relevant solutions and, in turn, gives the attendees a chance to learn from one another and share what has worked for them, what hasn't worked, and why.

We find Peer Interaction to be one of the highest rated benefits of participating in Executive Summits and Customer Advisory Board meetings.  Don't make the mistake of dominating the discussions at your next meeting.  Be sure to include time for peer-to-peer dialogue and exchange.  You'll be viewed as a "listener" and you attendees will rate the meeting as a more valuable learning experience, worth their time. 

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