How to Avoid Common Customer Advisory Board Missteps - Part 1 of 3

Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) consistently produce extraordinary results when the board is assembled and executed properly.  When not, the results can be counterproductive and potentially harm the customer relationships your organization has worked so hard to develop.

Some of our engagements are with firms who have already started their own CABs and are looking for ways to enhance the experience for attendees as well as their leadership team.  They seek to gain more meaningful feedback and improve the overall quality of the meeting.

When we are brought into an "already planned" CAB meeting, we attend in an "observation" role.  This affords the opportunity for our team to work with our client to identify areas where we see room for improvement and/or options for presenting ideas and gaining customer input.

Below is the first of three common missteps we've observed and suggestions on how to avoid them in your next CAB meeting:

The meeting is a series of presentations - oftentimes the leadership team wants to "tell their customers" all the great solutions they're developing and share their roadmaps.  They prepare too many PowerPoint slides and spend too much time talking.

Better idea - design the meeting to get feedback from your customers on their biggest challenges and have them "tell you" what they need to be successful.  You will gain a clearer understanding of the market needs and be able to identify the gaps in your offerings.  Another option is to incorporate a customer case study into the meeting.  Having a member speak to their peers about how they overcame a problem and benefitted from the host's solution sends a powerful message.  This is also a great method to generate dialog among the members.

Look for Part 2 of How to Avoid Common Customer Advisory Board Missteps coming soon!

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