Customer Advisory Board Planning for 2011 - Part 3 of 3

In my final CAB Planning blog, the focus is on meeting content.  While there are many important elements to a successful CAB meeting, relevant content is what will drive success and keep members coming back.

To ensure you're including topics of interest to all members, follow these suggestions:

  1. Survey your members for topics most important to them to discuss.  List the topics with the highest responses and review with the internal team to help determine the 3-4 deep dive topics for the agenda.
  2. Get input from your internal team - find out if they have any "burning issues" that the CAB could address.  Ask them what one or two things they would like to learn from customers; what answers do they need to move forward on a decision, etc.  Take that feedbacogwheelsck, combine with member feedback, then determine your final agenda topics.  
  3. Consider allowing one or two members to present on a challenge they had and how they overcame that challenge.
  4. For a topic you know is of interest to the group, build one of your sessions as a "Panel Discussion" and ask 3-5 members if they would be willing to participate.  NOTE:  Place members on the panel who have differing perspectives on the topic.
  5. Get creative and integrate a fun team-building event into your next meeting.
Make 2011 the year you deliver an exceptional Customer Advisory Board meeting experience!

May you have a Happy and Successful New Year!

~ Karen

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