Customer Advisory Board Planning for 2011 - Part 2 of 3

In my last blog I shared 5 steps to get the planning underway for your 2011 Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings.  Now that you've got that rolling, here are your next 5 steps to focus on for January:calendar

  1. Review your member roster to see if any members will be up for "retirement" in 2011.  Discuss this with your internal team and plan a special recognition at their final meeting.
  2. Take a look at other customers who might be a good fit for your CAB.  Remember, it's not always the largest revenue customer.
  3. For those issues the CAB will address between meetings, put together a document outlining the objectives of each sub-group and the time commitment expected of CAB members/internal team.  Socialize it internally to get buy-in so you'll be ready to share it with members soon after the first of the year.  You will also want to develop a preliminary schedule for sub-group meetings based on internal calendars and then propose those meeting dates to members.
  4. Fine-tune your 2011 Communications Plan (both internal and external).  Be sure to treat your CAB as an ongoing initiative with regular communications to members to keep them up-to-date on activities/plans.
  5. Get weekly or bi-weekly meetings on the calendar to review status for your upcoming CAB meeting(s) with key stakeholders.  Keep your Executive Sponsor updated monthly on progress.  Keep the momentum going by requesting creative ideas on agenda topics for upcoming CAB meetings.
It's never too early to plan topics/content for your next meeting!  The sooner you start planning, the better organized and professional your meeting will be. 

Stay tuned for my final CAB Planning for 2011 - Part 3!

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