Continuous Member Communication and Engagement

My 9th key to success is vital to your initiative - continuous communication and engagement.  This includes between-meeting activities and touch-points.  While you don't want to over communicate to members, you do want to share relevant news and updates with them.  You'll get "high marks" for including them in the process and keeping them connected between the face-to-face meetings.  Here are a few ideas for activities you can include:
  • Issue tracking and integration of board ideas/suggestions
  • Regular update reports on progress of action items
  • Small "working groups" of members and host team experts to dive deeper into a key challenge or recommendation discussed at the meeting
  • Invite members to an industry event you're hosting, and include post-event meeting time with board members to gain their feedback
  • Special welcome for new advisory board members to help bring them up-to-speed on board activities
  • A member-only website to include board updates, accomplishments, current meeting information, past meeting archives, a blog area, etc.
Staying engaged with your strategic customers in a programmatic way maintains momentum.  They will appreciate being notified of the progress made, and see that their feedback is truly making a difference.

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