Content Design

To ensure your advisory board meetings foster dialogue and encourage member feedback, much thought and preparation must be put into content design, the fifth item on my list of key success factors in building an effective customer advisory board program.

Topics must be thought-provoking and presented in a way that not only keeps customers engaged, but encourages them to offer their perspectives, insights and ideas for solutions.

Considerations for Content Development

  • Discussions must be relevant to all participants (or they won't feel it is worth coming back)
  • Meeting topics should align to the objectives set forth for the advisory board
  • Survey members prior to the meeting on the topics they would like to discuss with their peers
  • Incorporate variety in session formats to keep members engaged
  • Discussions should be designed for dialogue (tee up the discussion and let the members talk)
By following these guidelines, your advisory board meeting discussions will generate actionable feedback and build collaborative relationships with your strategic customers.

Comments for Content Design

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