CAB Meeting Success

I recently returned from a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting and I'm happy to say it was a one of their best engagements to date.  Why?  Here are a few key success factors:
  • Careful attention was given to meeting content which included topics important to our client as well as topics of great interest and relevance to the CAB members
  • Members were given information prior to the meeting to help prepare them for the discussions
  • Sessions were planned in a way to be dialog-driven with plenty of member interaction
  • Our client did minimal talking and spent time listening to CAB member feedback
  • There was ample time set aside for peer networking
  • Our client enlisted feedback from members on their views of the meeting and any ideas they had for improvement
It is always rewarding to see how clients connect with their customers in a CAB setting.  Members share their experiences and perspectives and our client gains clarity on the market and direction their top customers are taking.  Relationships are strengthened and trust is built across our client's executive team and the advisory board members.  It's intimate ... it's personal ... it's real and honest.  As the Global CMO said, "The insight I received was so incredible, I almost cried."  Results like that come from well-planned sessions with our clients that are designed to get specific feedback from members.  These are the kind of results we consistently see from executive customer programs - not to mention the added benefit of increased loyalty, enhanced executive relationships, account retention and accelerated sales.

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