Advisory Board Getting Started Checklist

Many of our first-time customers ask the question, "Where do I start?"  They know building an effective advisory board encompasses many steps and want to ensure they get it right the first time so their leadership team and key customers have a great experience.

Following is my "top 10 list" of key success factors to consider as you plan and implement your customer advisory board program: 

  1. Executive buy-in, sponsorship and support
  2. Cross-functional support and alignment
  3. Clear definition of program mission and objectives
  4. Selecting the right customers for membership
  5. Content design
  6. Meeting preparation
  7. Meeting facilitation
  8. Post-meeting follow-through and action tracking
  9. Continuous member communication and engagement
  10. Program management process

In forthcoming blogs I'll share some of my observations, experiences and a few tips on these 10 keys to success.

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