Where CFOs meet CMOs (and CSOs)

In a few weeks, I'll be presenting at a conference for CFOs.  As I prepare for this, I'd like to know how you (as a sales and marketing leader) interact with your CFO (or equivalent).  

Here's where you can contribute and help: 

1.  What are the questions or discussions you have around programs and strategies for customer retention?

2.  What is their expectation on justification?

3.  What are the measures of success?

4.  What is it that works best with them?

5.  What frustrates you the most in dealing with them?

Any perspective will help developing the story I will share with nearly 200 CFOs.

In considering the session title, it may be something like: "CMOs are from Mars, CFOs are from Venus"...with your help, this should be very interesting and fun!

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