Marketing activity sometimes confused with results

This year one of the themes for me and my organization is to not get “Activity confused with Results.” This happens more than we care to admit, especially in the marketing and sales part of many organizations. People stay very busy all day long with email, calls, meetings, etc. but when I ask people, “Are the activities you did yesterday (or last week or month) the best use of your time to meet your or your firm’s priorities and objectives?” - most of the time the answer is an apologetic "NO." 

So why is it that in this “do more with less” environment, we don’t take the time to organize, prioritize and focus our efforts on those which will deliver results? Why aren’t we taking the time to “plan the work and then work the plan?” And how far up the organization is this pattern happening? Now that’s the $64,000 question!

For instance, in this environment, what are we doing to maintain revenue by retaining our current customers, identifying ways to sell these customers more and seeking referrals and introductions?  With new customer acquisition cost at premium, it’s a very logical plan. 

As marketing and sales leaders, we need to factor market conditions into sales and marketing plans. By doing so, you’ll have a much greater opportunity to keep more of your budget. You’ll also need to show the return on the programs. And you’ll need to track and report in a simple and credible way.

This planning and focus will allow you to provide clear direction to your marketing and sales teams that is tied to goals and objectives that will truly affect results.

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