Executive Relations Increase Deal Size

Last week,  I attended a sales training program that focuses on how to sell effectively to senior level executives.  To do it right, it takes a lot of preparation on the person, firm and industry. One stat that stood out was  the average deal when you “start” at the following levels:

Purchasing: $10k
Department head/Director: $40k
Vice President: $87k
Sr. Executive: $115k

Source: Research of 70 organizations by The Marketing Group (DBA: Selling to the Executive Suite TM), Dallas TX

It seems that quality is a much better approach than quantity. Calling as high as you possibly can in an organization is critical to the sustainable success of revenue, margin and retention. Most firms go where they are “comfortable”…at user levels (who love you, but have little influence) or purchasing because it’s easy to respond to RFPs.

By calling higher in the organization, you have the opportunity to understand the business issues, the current gaps and aspirations, assist in the design…have the inside track to the biggest slice of pie possible.  This allows you to ultimately move from transactional deals to long term partnership engagements.  And partnership relationships provide greater predictability and consistency in revenue and cost forecasts. You’ll also find this to be much more exciting and fulfilling professionally with an added benefit of having the ability to recruit and retain top talent.

By the way, I highly recommend this class. The leader, Brad Stribling, is top notch.

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