Develop Market and Leadership Team Alignment for 2015

The leadership teams of many B2B companies are beset with conflict.  Often, this conflict is based in competing executive opinions about how to best move the company ahead.  These conflicting opinions can blind them to external developments that could have a powerful affect on the company and its markets.  
• Rogue ideas 
• Resist change
• “Not-invented-here” mindset 
Further, the personal ambitions of leadership team members can stifle alignment and consensus, and limit support for critical initiatives. 
There is no better means of overcoming these sources of conflict than executive customers.  
When the leadership team of a B2B company works directly with executive customers, it becomes more unified and aligned.  These customers, especially when gathered together into a group, provide an unimpeachable source of information, insight and opinion that acts as a filter – quickly dispatching the conflicting views that can splinter a company’s strategic focus or create barriers to change.  An executive customer collective provides a single point of reference for the entire leadership team—in contrast to the information overload and endless debates, which can paralyze companies when key decisions and faster and bolder moves are most needed.  

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