B2B: Lots of steak, but still little sizzle

In front of a group of my friends, my 13-year-old daughter, Sarah, was asked what she wants to be when she grows up…her response: I don’t know yet. I only know I don’t want to do Sarah and Grace Geehanwhat my dad does. It’s really boring.”  Ouch! If only I was a Starbuck’s Barista, Columbia Record Producer, Juicy Couture CMO, Apple i-pod designer or absolutely anything associated with the book and movie Twilight (or even looked like Edward). I’d be so cool with her and her sister Grace (also 13) and their friends around the Jr. High.

There is not much street credit in this circle regarding consultants.

Consumer firms are easy and straight forward, which helps us get our heads around a concept quickly, but as you will learn, also lack the depth and substance to apply to some of the different and often significantly more complex reality of the B2B markets. 

So while our friends, family and yes, even our kids may shrug at our B2B world with comments like, “that sounds really interesting and would love to hear more daddy, but I must get back to my homework,” take pride knowing what you do is making a difference, even though you get less respect than a "Key Gripin the movie credits.

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