B2B Focus at Loyalty Expo March 20-22, 2011

Many conferences showcase and feature executives from high profile B2C companies like Starbucks, Apple, Victoria Secret, Coke, Disney, Facebook, and Amazon. The reality is that many of these B2C concepts can’t be applied to the B2B world.

And when you hear incredible B2C stories, how often have you known that it just wasn’t applicable in your company? It can also be frustrating and even worse, hard to justify the time and money invested in attending.   

The Loyalty Expo this year has a dedicated B2B track focused completely on B2B companies. The sessions won’t tell you how to develop customer intimacy like Apple, manage your rewards and social media programs like Coca-Cola, drive loyalty like Starbucks, or treat your customers like Disney. These companies operate in the consumer “B2C” world of retailers and consumer package goods organizations, and we recognize this is not your B2B world.  It’s not even close.

In the Loyalty Expo B2B track you’ll hear from leading B2B firms in the world, those who have achieved remarkable customer retention and loyalty and who have designed and built both world class Voice of the Customer and customer relationship programs. And while the names may not be as recognizable as Coke and Starbucks, their organizational successes are equally impressive.

Here are the five B2B sessions which were designed specifically for you. Hope to see you there!

Customer Relationships: The Road to Becoming a Trusted Partner
Speakers: Sean Geehan, Author, B2B Executive Playbook | Tom Webster, GM US Operations, iTrade Networks

Maximizing Channel and Supplier Relationships
Speakers: Greg Greve, VP Procurement and Customer Service, Standard Register | Scott Musson, Sr. Director Global Alliances, VMware

Social Media’s Fit in Your B2B Marketing and Loyalty Programs
Speakers: Sami Hero, VP Global Open Web, LexisNexis | Julie Schwartz, SVP, ITSMA

Technology 411
Speakers: Marcus Starke, US CMO, SAP | Samir Bagga, VP Marketing, HCL

Why Satisfaction Isn’t Enough
Speakers: Jon Windley, VP of Client Loyalty, Savvis | George Scotti, US Marketing Director, Springer)

To Register go to http://www.loyaltyexpo.com/

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