Innovation: The Age-Old Answer to Commoditization

It seems commoditization is happening faster these days and the only way to combat it is through continual innovation.

"If you want to become a more innovative organization," says Michael Schrage in his HBR Blog, "don't hire more innovative employees, acquire more innovative customers.
Your capacity to innovate matters less than your customers' and clients' willingness and ability to exploit it."

Michael's quote hits home as a I recall recent client engagements and the importance we place on recruiting the right customers to participate in their executive programs.

Pretty much any customer can tell you their pain points. The difference between any customer and the right customer is their ability to provide solutions, to ask "What if?" When you get these customers together with your executives, around a table or as part of an Executive Sponsor Program, amazing things happen.

Do you know who your "right" customers are?

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