The Devil is in the Details

I just returned from an Executive Summit in Boston that had a full agenda with keynote speakers, panel discussions and interactive sessions with attendees. The planning and time dedicated to its success started well before the October event ever occurred. The all hands on deck approach was critical to ensuring every detail was taken care of, from the name badges to the on-site preparation with participants. devil

I wanted to share a few insights that might help with the initial planning for your next Executive Summit. In order to make your event something memorable for attendees, creating a brand for the summit and maintaining a personal touch throughout the event are areas I wanted to highlight.

Creating a Summit Brand

The selection of a summit name, associated graphics, colors, etc should be at the top of your priority list. Each of these items drives the overall summit brand and every piece of collateral that is created for the event. You want to create name recognition for the event, which perpetuates conversations about the summit long after the event has concluded. The summit brand is also extremely important if you decide to continue hosting summits into the future. Think about the brand recognition that events like Oracle’s OpenWorld or SAP’s Sapphire have within the IT space.

Maintaining a Personal Touch

The Executive Summits I have attended each included 50 attendees or less allowing the sponsoring company and each attendee to spend quality time networking and getting to know each other on a personal level. The smallest details around the attendee experience will ensure a connection is made with everyone. The connection begins with the personalized invitations and doesn’t end until a hand written thank you note is sent to each attendee.

What can you do to make your summit experience more personal?

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