Striking the Right Balance with Guest Speakers

I recently attended an Advisory Council meeting which provided actionable product and marketing insights for our customer.  Because the members spend so much of their time at a Council meeting sharing, so we felt a “give” back to the Council members with a dynamic guest speaker would change things up a bit and provide a great learning opportunity for all. 

In order to ensure the speaker’s content was meeting the objectives for our customer, several sessions were held with the speaker prior to the meeting.  While there was no doubt that the speaker could talk at length about the topic, we needed to strike a balance on the right amount of lecture time and engagement time with members to create meaningful dialogue.  We only had two hours for the speaker’s session, so we kept the following tips in mind when allocating time on the agenda.

  1. Provide enough time for the speaker to convey their key points
  2. Engage Advisory Council members with the speaker through a Q&A session
  3. Capture key insights from your members during an interactive session that ties to your overall meeting objectives and the speakers content

Striking the right balance with your guest speaker will enable you to achieve your goals for the session as well as allow Council members to gain key takeaways from the time spent.

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