Spring Cleaning for your Customer Advisory Council

Have you given your Advisory Council member roster a good, long look recently?  I am not talking about just looking at the number of members, but really analyzing the level of engagement from each member.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with realizing there are members on your Advisory Council who may have passed their prime or just no longer fit your Council's profile.  As such, iFeather Dustert is important to review membership engagement on an annual basis.  These are just a few areas I recommend you consider when reviewing the level of engagement from each Advisory Council member:
  1. Attendance and level of participation in Advisory Council functions, such as regular Council meetings and interim conference calls.
  2. Willingness to be an advocate for your company or provide a referral.
  3. The member continues to provide a perspective relevant to the strategic direction of your company.
In order to drive sustainable, predictable, and profitable growth, you must gain the level of insight only fully engaged customer decision makers can offer. Ensure your Advisory Council is providing that direction by evaluating each member's level of engagement.

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