Keys to Communicating During Pilot

Your Annual Customer Review program is well underway at this point with activities such as pilot selection and the creation of the Customer Review document.  Our next to-do for the program is to begin engaging the pilot accounts in the Customer Review process.   The best way to communicate with a group of people that is geographically dispersed and ensure a single message is communicated is through live conversation. 

A weekly conference call with the pilot accounts will keep everyone on track with the actions requested of them by the program team.  The feedback you receive will proTin Cansvide your program team with new ideas, as well as information on areas that require process improvement.  The conference calls should be structured and focused.

• Explain each step in the Annual Customer Review process
• Instruct participants on required deliverables
• Invite best practice leaders
• Solicit feedback
• Review tools and templates

The Leadership Team should receive regular updates on the progress of the Annual Customer Review program.  As the pilots make their way through each milestone in the program, communicate their success.  The Leadership Team bought into the program, so keeping them informed throughout the pilot phase will ensure their endorsement during the program launch.

Another key element on any communication strategy is to publicize your accomplishments.  The success of each pilot account should be communicated throughout your company.  You can gather quotes from the pilot reps and testimonials from their customers.  Hearing directly from your customers on their experience with the Annual Customer Review will provide the sales force the proof that the program really does work.    

Remember, communicate with your pilots reps throughout the pilot phase, keep the Leadership Team informed on the success of each milestone achieved and finally, spread the word about the program by capturing feedback directly from your customers.

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