How to Gracefully Remove Your Customer Advisory Board Member - Part 3 of 3

In the final installment of How to Gracefully Remove Customer Advisory Board Members I will discuss the contributions of your Board members, the second area of focus when deciding if it is time to remove a board member.  A board member should be asked to leave basedScorecard on a set of objective and subjective criteria; picture a scorecard and grade each member in the following areas:

• Overall attitude
• Level of participation
• Insight/feedback provided 

Board members were sought after based on their ability to provide insight, actively participate in all discussions and demonstrate their sincerity in wanting to see your company become a success.  Any board member that doesn’t resemble these characteristics is not delivering to the expectations set in the Advisory Board Charter.  For those who may not appear to be contributing, take some time to better understand why, i.e. their area of responsibility might not mesh with the other board members, or it could be as simple as they are no longer providing new insights.

Often the feeling of not fitting in or not realizing the time commitment is a reality felt by the board member.  With everything clearly stated up-front in the Charter, the conversation about not returning to the next meeting should not come as a surprise to the board member.  Perform a review of each member’s availability and contributions.  Remember, in the end the board belongs to your company and you owe it to the other members to have a cohesive group of like executives that all want to contribute to the success of your company. 

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