Engaging the Sales Force Through Training

Word is spreading throughout the sales force about a new customer program called the Annual Customer Review, but the sales force doesn’t quite understand how it will impact them and their customers.  In order to dispel any myths and provide accurate information to every sales person, a training curriculum will need to be developed for the Annual Customer Review program. ABC

The team responsible for the education of your sales force should be engaged in the development and the deployment of the Annual Customer Review program curriculum early in the program timeline.  These are a few questions that will need to be answered prior to the creation of a more formal training plan:

• Who will create and deploy the training curriculum?
• What is the best method for deploying the training?
• How much will the training cost?

The answers to the questions above each have their own dependencies e.g. the training method selected will be based on the overall budget available.  The size of the sales force that must be trained on the new program is another consideration when determining training cost and deployment method.  Whether the training is done regionally, at headquarters or done via webinar the end goal is to train the sales force prior to their need to deliver a Customer Review to a customer. 

The development of an overall training strategy is an essential element for the success of the program.  Even more importantly, engaging the training organization early and keeping them involved throughout the rollout of the program. 

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