Critical Success Factor: Engage Resources Early to Speed Deployment

In previous blogs I spent time discussing the importance of the program roles that make the Annual Customer Review program successful; such as the Program Manager, Program Administrators and the Sales Force.  These individuals run and deliver the program on a day-to-day basis, but there are two other internal teams that impact the overall success of the program, Product Management and Marketing. Hour Glass

Product and Marketing teams provide the majority of the content for the Customer Review document that is presented to customers.  Engage your product and marketing teams early, so they can assist with creating the Customer Review document template.  By utilizing a consistent template, you’ll ensure your brand and message are positioned correctly, while simplifying the process for the account team.

Product and marketing roles vary by company, so when identifying who should be involved in the creation of the Customer Review document; you need individuals that can provide answers to these questions:

Design – Who can design the overall look for the Customer Review document that will be presented to your customers?

High Level Content – Who can provide high-level solution and service offering information that is presented in a concise one-page format?

Detailed Content – Who can provide the detailed information about the solutions and services presented in the Customer Review document?

Strategic Content – Who can create the overall story that needs to be conveyed to your customers during an Annual Customer Review meeting?
Sign-off – Who can approve the final template? Knowing who these individuals are, and involving them in check points throughout the development process will help considerably when you are ready to deploy.  
Designing and creating the content for the Customer Review document will take time.  Each component in the final Customer Review document will involve the efforts of Product Management and Marketing.  Engage the right individuals early in the program and you will encounter fewer missed deadlines and produce a Customer Review document that is wildly successful with your customers.


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